Karic is the main character of The Mice Templar. Karic

Karic was born to Josiha and Mornae in Crickets Glen. He convinced Leito to tell stories of the Templar and role played with his sister Gabrielle. He is chosen by Wotan to save the Dark Lands.

His first real mentor and introduction to the Templar way of life is Pilot. Training with Pilot leads him to the Barren Lands and forced to fight The Many.

He is once again decived and forced to face Black Anius the Druid Witch. Pilot asks a vauge question in which she answers "Yes"

He meets his second Mentor while fighting Cassius at the Great Ash.

After several arugments that lead to Karic gaining a sword. He tries to figure out what's going on while Pilot hits him and disrgards him. Pilot is then taken by Bats.