Kuhl-En e1
Name Kuhl-En
Aliases Prophet
Race Mice
Affiliation Wotan, The Templar Knights, Maeven, Readers of the Grain
Status Dead
Series Information
First Appearance The Calling
Last Appearance info


Kuhl-En was the first hero chosen by the god Wotan to liberate the creatures of the Dark Lands. Many believe that Wotan chose a small mouse in order to demonstrate his power. At first, Kuhl-En was alone in his efforts. There was even a time when his fellow mice attempted to capture and trade him to the rats in an attempt to barter their safety from the raiding parties. However, Wotan sent owls to kill the rats along with the traitors. Although this seemed to upset Kuhl-En, he stayed the course. With the help of Wotan and Kuhl-En's dedication, he eventually influenced a generation of mice to take up the cause and bring truth and hope to the everyone.

After his death, the mice continued in the ways of Kuhl-En, which lead to the founding of the Templar Knights. Although they kept the legacy alive for ten thousand seasons, they eventually fell apart after a bloody civil war that tarnished the name of the Templar from then on. No one until Karic received the favor of Wotan like Kuhl-En did.