Leito Karic's best friend, and a training Templar Knight, Leito is a character you meet early in the story.

Before the attack on Cricket's Glen. Leito was the apprentice of Desiusn his uncle in the art of the Templar. During the arrack his uncle is killed and he loses his left arm.

The prison:

Leito in the Prison of Delrach-Ard Vale continues to hold faith in Wotan dispite his own failure to save his best friend Karic, he is taunted to disppear by Alexis and Harad.

The Wild: During Karic's fight against the Druid Snake, Leito meets with Pilot who begins to train him, the two find Harad who had his eyes taken out by the druids for power. Harad is killed and once again Leito feels the pain of failure once again. Leito wounds Pilot in a training session and he meets up with the young healer Conley, she falls in love with him as does he with her. Once it is discovered they are Templar Leito and Pilot are cast out once again. Leito is knighted and given the Mark of Kuhl-En They meet a group being attacked by a rat group, they gain more information on Karic and Leito swears to kill him.

The Return to Delrach-Ard Vale:

Leito and Pilot join a group of mice, who are part of a raid in the lower part of the castle. Pilot urges Leito to leave the group to their deaths as they are after a bigger prize. Leito finds Karic and attacks. When he relizes that his enemy was once his friend he gives the Mark to him. Pilot leaves in rage and meets up with Cassius. Karic explains what had happened to everyone and gives Leito a mission to meet Cassius. "Introduce yourself, One-arm to one Eye, He'll like that." Leito leaves Karic and begins to fight Cassius who killed Pilot. Leito explains that he is a friend and is knighted by a true Templar in the true way. When the body of his best friend is found and the Templar and Maven are fighting like they did a generation ago. Leito declares "Crown whoever you will but Karic is the only king I will ever follow."

Leito is last seen in two pictures. He is telling Karic's story to several mouselings. He looks up to see Conley a crush he had. She sits down to listen as he finishes. He is seen again as Cassius walks to Karic's funeral Pyre.