The Mark of Kuhl-En is the symbol of the Templar order.

It is said to be one of the talon of the White Death Owl of Wotan, obtained by Kuhl-En himself after battling the Owl.

Those who follow the path of Tradition, and in fact even those that follow path of Reform, holds high regard for those who bear the Mark.The Mark supposedly honour one as the true saviour and leader of the Templar, though this is again relative depending on who is holding it (e.g. No Templar regards Icarus, who held the mark for the majority of the comics, as leader of the Templar).

Main Story (Spoilers) Edit

The Mark was in the possession of Icarus after the battle of Avalon which shattered the Templars.

During the raid of Dealrach Ard-Vale, by Karic, Pilot the Tall went to steal the Mark in his plot to trick Leito into becoming his puppet leader of the Templars.

During the night of the Templar gathering under Avalon, one of the leader of the Traditional Templars, Field Marshal Peiton, demanded that Karic showed the Templar the Mark in order to verify himself as the saviour of the Dark Lands.

Mark of Kuhl-En
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