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Set in a medieval era, The Mice Templar tells the story of a world that is plagued by war and nearly devoid of hope. Long ago, the god Wotan chose Kuhl-En to become a warrior-preist and bring truth and hope to all the creatures of The Dark Lands. His legacy gave rise to the Templar Knights, who continued to preserve the ideas of Kuhl-en. In time however, the Templar became divided and broke out into civil war. With one side turning their backs on the teachings and the other trying to hold on, they eventually destroyed it altogether. During this time, King Icarus, a traitor to the Templar, seized the throne and in his wake, other creatures took advantage of the chaos. Now, the Order is just a memory and despised by nearly all. Rat raiding parties frequently attack villages looking for any remaining Templar and killing or enslaving anyone in their path. This is the world that Karic, our young mouse protagonist lives in. Listening to old stories from his friend Leito, Karic dreams of becoming a Templar. After a visit from the mysterious Pilot the Tall, the small village of Cricket's Glen is overrun by a raiding party. In the battle, Karic gets trapped underwater and the rats leave with their captives. After an encounter from the Fish God and becoming Pilot's squire, Karic just may get his chance.
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