Mice-templar knights

The Templar Knights are in The Mice Templar throughout the series.

The Founder Edit

Kuhl-En founded the Templar and united the first knights. He was one of the best mouse warriors every to walk. He is very strong. He fought against the God of All Wotan and was defeated but by Wotan's grace he survived. Gaining the Mark in the process. In his most desperate time when he could not here Wotan's voice. He was guided by a firefly to the Great Ash Tree.

War Edit

The Templar Knights had a war amongst themselves, because they divided into two sides. These two fractions were led by the War Monger Kobolt and the Rat Lover Icarus. By dividing the two they led the Templar to war against themselves

The Legends Edit

Originally introduced as "Stories told to children", though later the reader leans that they are, in-fact, real.